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The Rules – Terms and Conditions

The Rules – Terms and Conditions

Schwarzwald Plus is a collaboration between the municipalities of Baiersbronn and Freudenstadt. Schwarzwald Plus card holders have access to all Schwarzwald Plus services free of charge.

These services, however, are subject to our terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions of Schwarzwald Plus

1.      The services of the Schwarzwald Plus card are free of charge for the duration of your stay (minimum of two nights) with a participating host. No host will charge you additional fees for the Schwarzwald Plus card.

2.      The Schwarzwald Plus card is your pass for free admissions and free rides. If you don’t have your card with you, free admissions and free fares cannot be granted. Therefore, take good care of your card and treat it as you would your credit or debit card. The Schwarzwald Plus card is valid only in connection with a card cover and a sticker. This is how you’ll receive it from your host.

3.      The nature and extent of the services provided by Schwarzwald Plus are  set down in the currently valid list of services. These services can be used during your entire stay (minimum of two nights).

4.      For each overnight stay you booked, you’ll receive one whole day of free admissions and free rides. If you are in a group of more than eight people, please call the respective service partner beforehand to schedule your visit. Each service can be used once a day.

5.      The Schwarzwald Plus card is not transferable and remains the property of your host. Each guest receives a personalised card, which only he or she can use during the period of validity. Infringements and/or attempts at misuse will result in the withdrawal of your card without replacement and, if applicable, you’ll be charged for services used without entitlement.

6.      If your card is stolen, lost, or damaged, you have to contact your respective host or the Schwarzwald Plus GmbH immediately. The lost card will be blocked and, if necessary, reissued for a fee.

7.      The service partners are entitled to cancel or impose restrictions, especially time restrictions, on parts of the services due to weather conditions, maintenance or repair work, excessive demand or overcrowding of facilities as well as for other important reasons. In such a case, no claims can be made by the cardholder.

8.      The card does not include insurance. It falls to you to check and ensure that you have insurance coverage, especially for accidents associated with the usage of the card. It is your responsibility to decide whether you are personally suited and meet the requirements, especially in terms of health, for using the services offered by the card.

9.      In addition to these terms and conditions, the general terms and conditions of our service partners apply for the use of their services. Instructions given by the service personnel must be followed.


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